The Patriot Song

Arr. by Bradley Knight

Released: 2011

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Product Description:
"The Patriotic Song" is a heart-stirring dramatic musical featuring cinematic scoring and arrangements by Bradley Knight. Combining creative implementation of simple drama, narration and speakers, this musical presentation conveys the song of the American patriot as it echoes down the corridors of history and resounds from sea to shining sea. This song has been sung by presidents and statesmen, by soldiers and farmers, by those whose names we remember and celebrate, but even more often, by many whose names we don't even know. Now it is up to us to make sure that through courage and sacrifice, we proudly keep the song alive in the hearts of all Americans in order to preserve its passionate message for future generations. As a performance option, the musical can also be effectively performed with a narrator in place of the drama and speakers. 25 minutes in length.

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