What's Up Zak

By Kimberly Ingram and Joe Milton

Released: 2010

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Product Description:
Lift the hearts of your congregation with "What's Up Zak," a children's and youth musical based on Luke 18-19. The familiar tale of Zacchaeus is relived as one rich, but lonely tax collector casts his ego aside and climbs a tree for just one glimpse of the Savior. Funny, lively songs and scenes introduce a town bustling to prepare for a visit from a "V.I.P." - Very Important Prophet! The leaders of Jericho decide to throw a parade to welcome Jesus. But the people who need love the most - the lowly beggars and the tax collectors - are NOT invited to the party. Through drama and song, your choirs can explore how special Bartimaeus the beggar and Zacchaeus the tax collector must have felt to learn that Jesus saw them, and loved them just the way they were.

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