The Power Of The KING

Created by Gina Boe, Barb Dorn and Dave Clark

Released: 2016

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Product Description:
"The Power Of The King" is the latest Christmas musical from "Simply WordKidz," the easy-to-learn, easy-sing series for children's choirs. The story behind "The Power Of The King" revolves around radio station K-I-N-G. A major winter storm is threatening to shut down the entire state. The power grid is failing all around, and highways are closing due to dangerous road conditions. A bus transporting a children's choir on their Christmas tour is stranded by the storm, so the choir takes refuge at the radio station. The timing of the winter storm couldn't be worse, as the station's power goes off just as they are about to broadcast the annual Christmas show. Unable to play any recorded music due to the limitations of the backup generator, the radio station staff hastily scrambles to put together a live Christmas radio broadcast with the help of the stranded children's choir. 30 minutes in length.

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