A Tree Lot Christmas

Created by Celeste Clydesdale Arr. by David T. Clydesdale

Released: 2015

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Product Description:
"A Tree Lot Christmas" introduces a Christmas celebration that will fill all with the everlasting hope of the Lord. This musical is filled with vibrant songs that deliver the truth of God's Word and a script that follows a group of kids selling trees outside of Mr. Carmichael's toy store to raise money for children in need. Join the adventure as these compassionate and fun-loving kids demonstrate the powerful love of Christ to the greedy Mr. Carmichael and invite him into the family of God. The simple stage set-up allows for churches with a small or large amount of resources to experience this fun, festive and truth-filled musical. Come join the excitement and experience the power of what it means to revel in God's love, grow in our faith and share His everlasting truth with others. 38 minutes in length.

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