Dude You Hear What I Hear

Created by Steve Moore, Rob Howard and David Guthrie

Released: 2011

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Product Description:
In the hustle and bustle at a crowded "Mondo-Mart" filled with shoppers, shy Taylor and the rest of her youth group have stopped for some last-minute snacks on their way to a fun Christmas camp. Taylor - not much for talking but a great hide and seek player - has found the perfect hiding place. So perfect, in fact, that she doesn't notice when the rest of the group boards the bus and the store is closed for the night! Hard to tell who is more suprised - Taylor, when she emerges from her hiding place, or the fun-loving store mannequins who break their silence assuming that once again, the store is theirs for the night. Taylor quickly discovers that everything store mannequins know about Christmas is what they've learned over the PA system during the Christmas season, and boy, are they misinformed! And, the not-so-high-tech night watchmen listening in from outside are just as confused.45 minutes in length.

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