Word On The Street

By Jeff Slaughter and Matt Tullos

Released: 2002

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Product Description:
This is not your grandfather's youth musical. In fact, even though it contains Biblical truth, "Word On The Street" is for people more likely to think Jeremiah was a bullfrog than a prophet. Within this student collection are three 15-minute programs, each combining a secular song with comedic skits, designed to share just about anywhere that real people live. These presentations don't include a sermon or an invitation. What they do is enable students to draw a crowd with a familiar song and some humor, as they loosely introduce a concept: faith, hope or love. Following the show, the students walk out into the crowd, where the real sharing begins. The student edition is presented in a magazine format! The pages are filled with music, drama, articles and special features. The director's edition includes the complete piano/vocal score and chord charts.

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